Carretilla elevadora eléctrica de la plataforma elevadora de la capacidad de la batería de litio de la transpaleta del conductor JCE20TZ1 2000KG

Artículo No.: JCE15TB2
  • : 1500 KGS
  • : 1454/1424
  • : 200/190
  • : 36V
  • Descripción
    JCE15TB2 is the Mini type with same size as hand pallet truck widely used in narrow aisle workshop, supermarket and cargo containers.

    - Adopting floating balance wheel can prevent the side swing of the truck when travelling. Travel smoothly and no swing; great anti-vibration.
    - The whole balance wheel can be removed, easy to maintain.
    - The rock arm mechanism integral structure which improves the structure strength effectively, meanwhile, share and adjust the even force from the rock. Reduce the obvious deflection in fork height after a long use and when loading.
    - The drive wheel adopts horizontal type structure which makes the layout postition of the motor higher off the ground to prevent the water, dust and greasy dirt gluing on the motor effectively and improving working condition of the motor.
    - The truck is equipped with a height limit switch. Cut off the lifting circuit when lifting height approaches the highest point to disconnect the power of the hydraulic power unit to prevent the noise from the spillover of the hydraulic station and save the energy caused by spillover.

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